Donor Identity Disclosure Types

At Cascade Cryobank, we understand and respect the sanctity of a sperm donor’s identity, recognizing its significance to both the donor and the recipient. We are committed to upholding a delicate balance: providing our recipients with the critical information they desire while steadfastly respecting our donors’ privacy.  We offer a range of options for donor information sharing, designed to meet various levels of comfort and needs of both parties.  We are dedicated to navigating these sensitive matters with the utmost care and respect, fostering an environment of trust and understanding for all involved.

Sperm donors at Cascade Cryobank are given the option to consent to a program called "Open ID," wherein the offspring generated by the donors sperm can apply to Cascade Cryobank to receive Identifying information about the donor upon reaching the age of 18. Information released according to this program includes name, date of birth, and last known address. Additionally, depending on the country, this may include the place of birth, marital status, and any children.

The Early Disclosure Program at Cascade Cryobank is a first-of-it's kind program in the sperm banking industry that provides a consenting donors' identity information to their respective recipients upon the report of a live birth using that donors sperm. A recipient who achieves a live birth using an Early Disclosure donor can report that live birth to Cascade Cryobank, and we will provide to that recipient the donors name and date of birth, as well as at least one meeting with that donor, moderated by Cascade Cryobank, and according to the donors personal rules and boundaries.


Recipients of an Early Disclosure Donors' sperm may request further contact with the donor after the initial meeting, although future contact will be based solely on the agreement and consent of the donor.

Cascade Cryobank no longer accepts anonymous donor applicants, although due to previous company policy, some previously onboarded donors are still and will remain anonymous.