Find Out More About Our Early Disclosure Program

When it comes to selecting donor sperm, keeping donors anonymous, for the most part, has been the norm. At Cascade Cryobank, we offer the standard options for anonymity, as well as something different – our Early Disclosure Program. This initiative prioritizes transparency and connection, offering recipients unprecedented access to their donor’s identity information. Here’s more information:

What Makes the Early Disclosure Program Different

Unlike conventional methods that prioritize donor anonymity, this program is different because it provides recipients with their donor’s identity information upon the reporting of a live birth achieved through the donor’s sperm.

This transformative approach not only honors the donor’s contribution but also empowers recipients with invaluable knowledge about the genetic origins of their child.

Program Creates Deeper Connections

Central to the Early Disclosure Program is the facilitation of meaningful connections between donors and recipients. Upon notification of a live birth, we organize at least one meeting between the donor and recipient, moderated with sensitivity to the donor’s personal rules and boundaries. This intentional engagement fosters understanding and respect, laying the foundation for potential future interactions based on mutual consent.

Understanding Rules of Future Contact

The Early Disclosure Program doesn’t end with the initial meeting; rather, it opens up the option for ongoing communication between donors and recipients. While recipients may express a desire for further contact with the donor, any future interactions are contingent upon the donor’s agreement and consent.

This emphasis on mutual respect and autonomy underscores the program’s commitment to ethical engagement, ensuring that all parties involved navigate their relationships with dignity and agency.

Cascade Cryobank’s Early Disclosure Program represents a bold departure from traditional sperm banking practices. By prioritizing transparency and fostering connections between donors and recipients, this pioneering initiative transcends mere biological contribution, affirming the significance of human relationships in the process. Please contact us for more information!

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