Cascade Cryobank


People Helping People

Cascade Cryobank provides the expertise needed to help people fulfill their dreams of starting or growing a family through sperm donation. We are committed to unsurpassed quality and giving our clients an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Providing innovative cryoservices, we serve healthcare professionals, families, and individuals with honesty and compassion.

We utilize the latest technology and procedures to cryopreserve donor sperm—ensuring that they are available for use whenever you need them. Cascade Cryobank is registered with the FDA and CLIA certified.

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Our Story

Cascade Cryobank was founded in response to the dramatic unmet need for safe, high-quality donor sperm that has emerged in recent years. Our mission is to recruit outstanding donors and to produce frozen sperm of exceptional quality for use by families and individuals pursuing assisted reproductive care.

We began collecting sperm samples in 2022, and have continued to grow our supply while recruiting a diverse group of highly qualified donors who meet our rigorous selection criteria. Sperm specimens are prepared in accordance with a quality management program that ensures the safety and maximizes the efficacy of our frozen cells. Our first routine FDA inspection in the Fall of 2022 was a benchmark of success that served as an external validation of our comprehensive quality management program.

Why Us?

At Cascade Cryobank we strive to create a comfortable and customized experience for both our donors and recipients. We aim to provide this high-quality experience by exceeding industry standards when it comes to customer care, donor selection, cell processing, and distribution. Above all though, our team aspires to create happy and healthy families. Here are some ways that we work to create transparency and connection with our donors and recipients in order to provide you with the best experience.

Client Care

Cascade Cryobank provides a unique and personalized customer experience for every client. We make sure that every growing family is able to access thorough donor profiles at no additional cost. We also offer complimentary consultations and assistance for our clients; whether you are still searching or ready to make a purchase, we are here to help. Our team is highly trained and has regular interactions with our donors, so rest assured, we can help you find your perfect match.

Fair Pricing

We know starting a family can require careful financial planning- that’s why we strive to offer the best possible services at reasonable prices. Whenever it’s possible, we try to minimize additional costs for you and never have any hidden fees. Our approach to transparency and affordability has led us to keep all of our donor profiles free and offer lower-cost shipping options such as local delivery or pick-up.

Rigorous Donor Screening

Cascade Cryobank has a robust donor screening process that is designed to eliminate potential donors who do not meet our high standards for personal and family health history, intelligence, character, and sperm quality. Our donors go through multiple checkpoints which help us evaluate their eligibility. The donor selection process begins with one of our team members pre-screening the donors to ensure both a high cell count and a quality background. The donors then undergo advanced genetic testing, thorough medical screening by our physician, background checks, personality tests, and interviews. We want our donor sperm recipients to confidently know that they are receiving the very best of our applicants.


Cascade Cryobank is fully accredited, certified, registered, inspected, and/or licensed by the FDA, CLIA, and Washington State Department of Health. We utilize reference laboratories for donor infectious disease and advanced genetic testing. These reference laboratories are registered with the FDA, licensed by applicable state regulatory agencies, and accredited by CLIA. As required by 21 CFR 1271.55 (a)(3), Cascade Cryobank includes a Summary of Records that documents the tests performed on the donor and an interpretation of the results with each shipment of donor sperm.

Offspring Limit

Although regulatory agencies have not defined donor offspring limits, Cascade Cryobank’s’ internal policy dictates that no single donor can contribute to more than 25 families. We also take extra care to follow country-specific requirements for internationally distributed donors. It is important to note that our family limit does not include the number of offspring per family, therefore were a recipient parent to have two children using the same donor's sperm, they would still only qualify as one family per our limit.

Family Audits / Sibling Registry

We offer free family audits of all of our donors upon request! We track the number of families that have purchased vials from a single donor, how many have achieved pregnancies, and how man of those pregnancies had achieved live birth. As such, we maintain a sibling registry by recording all reported live births, so you can know when and where other families have been created from each of our donors. It is important to note that we can't enforce the reporting of pregnancies or live births, so we can't guarantee that our registry is complete.