Why Donate?

Benefits of Donating

There are many benefits to becoming a Cascade Cryobank sperm donor. For starters, many of our donors reflect on what a fulfilling experience it is knowing that they have helped someone start or grow their family. We also provide our donors with bonuses such as free cell analysis and genetic screening. Donors are compensated for their time as well.

Help People

By choosing to donate sperm you are helping all sorts of people start a family: couples with infertility problems, single parents by choice, LGBTQ+ couples, and many other individuals. Lots of different people, with different circumstances, but a shared desire. They all want to build a family. Your donation helps them achieve their dream.

Learn About Your Sperm

How many do you have? How fast are they? But most importantly, are they healthy? We perform a comprehensive semen analysis which includes: count, motility, and morphology.

Flexible Schedule

Donate on your schedule. New job or school schedule changes? We will find a time that works for you. It only takes 1-4 hours per month!

Cash In Your Pocket

Qualified donors can receive up to $1,000/month reimbursement. We also pay $250 for qualified referrals.

Keep Tabs on Your Health

When you’re healthy, we’re happy. You will get full infectious disease screenings… on us! Get $100s worth of genetic carrier screening all free of charge!