Find Out More About Our Early Disclosure Program

At Cascade Cryobank we understand how important it is to protect a sperm donor’s identity, both for the families and the donors themselves. However, we know that it might be valuable for the donors and recipients to be well connected for a variety of reasons. That is why we are dedicated to maintaining a delicate balance between providing critical information to recipients while respecting donors’ privacy.

Our Early Disclosure Program exemplifies this commitment, offering a groundbreaking approach to donor information sharing. It is a program that donors can opt into if they feel comfortable, but they don’t have to. If recipients love the idea of the early disclosure program, they will simply need to look for a donor that is on board with it. Here’s more information:

Devoted to Transparency and Privacy

In our commitment to transparency, the Early Disclosure Program stands as a pioneer in the sperm banking industry. Upon the birth of a child conceived using a donor’s sperm, recipients have the option to report the live birth to Cascade Cryobank. In response, we provide the donor’s name and date of birth, along with facilitating at least one meeting between the donor and recipient, moderated by our team. This can be very helpful to have

Create Meaningful Connections

The essence of the Early Disclosure Program lies in fostering meaningful connections between donors and recipients. The initial meeting, guided by Cascade Cryobank, allows for an exchange of information, and provides an opportunity for both parties to express their thoughts, emotions, and boundaries. This moderated interaction sets the stage for potential future contact based on mutual agreement and consent.

Respecting the Donor’s Rights

While the Early Disclosure Program encourages donor-recipient interaction, we uphold the autonomy and preferences of our donors. Any future contact beyond the initial meeting is contingent upon the donor’s consent and agreement. We respect their personal rules and boundaries, ensuring that their privacy and comfort remain paramount throughout the process.

Cascade Cryobank’s Early Disclosure Program is a unique way to manage donor information sharing. By offering recipients the option to access donor identity information upon the birth of a child, facilitating moderated meetings, and respecting donor autonomy, we navigate these sensitive matters with care and understanding.

Our commitment to fostering trust and transparency underscores our dedication to supporting families on their unique journeys to parenthood. This is a service that our clients love because it helps make both the donors and recipients more comfortable with the process.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this program, browse through our donor catalog and find one that has given their consent. Then, talk to our staff about your options.

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