Why Store Purchased Vials of Donor Sperm?

Once you purchase vials of donor sperm, you will need to decide where to go from there. Of course, you can opt to use them right away. However, that might not be the right fit for you. Whether you’re planning for future fertility treatments or preserving options for family building down the road, you can opt to have the stored rather than use them right away. Here’s more information on why you might choose to store purchase vials:

Storing Vials Allows You to Keep Fertility Options Open

One of the biggest reasons to store purchased vials is to keep your fertility options open for the future. For whatever reason, you may not quite be ready to start a family right away – yet you could have found the perfect donor! In this case, you don’t want to let the opportunity pass you by. Purchasing the vials in advance allows you to not miss out on the perfect donor.

Besides, by storing vials in a cryogenic storage facility, you can maintain the viability of the sperm samples for an extended period, allowing you to pursue fertility treatments or family building whenever the time is right.

Ensure Donor Consistency if Planning for Multiple Children

Are you thinking of having more than one child from the donor sperm? If that is the case, you’ll need to purchase multiple vials – one that you can use right away, and others will be used later when you want to grow our family even further.

Storing purchased vials allows you to secure a supply of donor sperm from a specific donor, ensuring continuity if you decide to undergo multiple fertility treatments or expand your family in the future. This can be particularly important for individuals or couples who feel a strong connection to their chosen donor and want to maintain that connection throughout their family-building journey.

Help You Overcome Obstacles

No matter how hard we try, we can’t always predict the way our fertility journey will turn out. Unforeseen circumstances may arise that impact your ability to conceive naturally or undergo fertility treatments.

Storing purchased vials provides a safety net in case of unexpected challenges such as medical issues, relationship changes, or changes in fertility status. Having stored vials of donor sperm ensures that you have options available to you, regardless of what the future may hold, empowering you to pursue your dreams of parenthood with confidence and resilience.

Storing purchased vials of donor sperm offers individuals and couples valuable benefits and considerations as they navigate the journey of assisted reproduction. Whether you’re preserving fertility options for the future, ensuring consistency with a chosen donor, or preparing for unforeseen circumstances, storing purchased vials provides peace of mind and flexibility as you look to grow your family.

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