Our Client First Approach

At Cascade Cryobank, we are committed to helping you grow your family with the highest quality donor sperm out there. In fact, we got started because we noticed that there is a real shortage of quality donor sperm out there, and that this is a frustrating situation.

This is why we take a client-first approach when helping people expand their families and bring new life in the world. Here’s a look at our client-first approach and how it can help you:

Understanding Your Needs

The journey began when we started Cascade Cryobank. It grew out of an unmet need we found in the industry. There is a real shortage of quality donor sperm, and we wanted to help solve that problem. We have rigorous standards for finding donors, as well as ensuring that our catalog is filled with great donors. However, this all started by us listening to you and determining your needs, and then finding ways to not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

Working With You One on One

What is it you’re looking for? We want to get to know you so that we can figure out how to best help you. We work with each of our clients individually to understand their needs, answer any questions they have, and determine how to best help them. We know that you aren’t just purchasing vials, you’re finding the best pathway forward on your journey into parenthood.

Highest Quality Donors

We know that the biggest way that we serve you is through the quality of our sperm donors. By the time a new donor has made it into our catalog, they have been extensively vetted across the board through the selection process, testing of the samples, interviews, and more. When you browse through our catalog, you’ll see what we mean. Not only will you see the various traits of the donor, but you will also learn a bit about their personality, see a statement prepared by the donor, and view our staff impressions.

Building Strong Relationships

When you want to grow your family, we know that you want to feel cared for. We know that a lot of decision-making goes into selecting the perfect donor. Ultimately, you need to make the choice that is the best for you and your family. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to do this alone! You’ll have our support along the way because we are dedicated to forming strong relationships with our clients. After all, this is your future!

Cascade Cryobank is here to support you while growing your family. By providing our clients with high quality donor sperm, they know they are making the best choice possible. For more information please visit this link.

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